Kirven Law, LLC offers expertise, intuition, and ingenuity in its representation of clients.  We also understand that you want your case handled as quickly as possible, while still receiving quality legal representation.


Family Law

Divorce | Custody & Visitation | Child Support | Paternity  Termination of Parental Rights | Adoption 

Kirven Law, LLC offers years of experience in family law matters.  Attorney Stacy M. Kirven has represented clients in high-asset divorce litigation, in addition to standard divorces with or without children involved.  Stacy also represents clients in custody and visitation disputes, paternity challenges, grandparent visitation, terminating parental rights, and adoptions with or without consent.  Whatever your needs, Kirven Law, LLC has you covered.

Criminal Defense

Misdemeanors | Felonies

Kirven Law, LLC has experience in all types of criminal representation as attorney Stacy M. Kirven was previously a public defender with the Wyoming State Public Defender Office.  She also assisted attorneys in the Colorado Public Defender Capital Offenses Unit and the Wyoming Public Defender Office during her tenure in law school. 

From a DUI to more serious offenses, Stacy can help negotiate the best deal or take your matter to a jury trial. 



Green Cards | Visas | Deportation | Citizenship

Stacy M. Kirven has been helping immigrants in the United States and abroad since 2012, when she joined the International Human Rights Practicum at the University of Wyoming College of Law. 

During law school, Stacy worked on ground-breaking litigation for maternal health in Uganda and she lived in Tanzania, Africa, volunteering with a Women's Rights NGO.

Since graduating, Stacy has been the primary immigration attorney in Sheridan and Johnson counties, helping clients obtain green cards, student/work visas, defend against deportation, and in obtaining their US citizenship. 

Workers' Compensation

Contested Case Hearings | District Court & Supreme Court Appeals

Kirven Law, LLC is familiar with the process of Workers' Compensation claims from start to finish to appealing the Office of Administrative Hearings or Medical Commission's decision regarding benefits, if necessary. Throughout our years of providing this service to clients, we have gained the experience and expertise necessary to make this process as seamless as possible.

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Conflict Resolution

 Attorney Stacy M. Kirven is a certified mediator and is pleased to offer those services to Sheridan and the surrounding areas.  If you cannot afford to retain an attorney and you believe your issues can be resolved without a lawsuit or judge intervention, then we can help negotiate and facilitate as an outside, neutral third party who does not represent either side.

Mediation is most common in divorce and child custody issues and in disputes between family members, neighbors, business partners, landlords and tenants, and labor unions and management.  However, some non-violent criminal cases, like those involving verbal harassment, can result in a successful resolution during mediation. Claims that do not involve a legal issue are also good candidates for mediation, such as conflicts between neighbors or workplace disputes. 

Estate Planning

Power of Attorney | Living Will | Last Will & Testament

Planning for end-of-life matters is never fun, but Kirven Law, LLC tries to make it a smooth and quick process from start to finish. Attorney Stacy M. Kirven is experienced in drafting Last Wills & Testaments, Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills.  These services are offered as a package or you can pick and choose what fits your needs.

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